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The Answer
The Answer    Here is something very special: Five letters that were originally made available to students in the classes in Boulder City, Nevada where Vernon Howard lived and taught for over 20 years. A professional man corresponded with Vernon for a short time in the 1970’s asking questions about the spiritual path. Vernon’s response is contained in these letters which are of a very high nature. If you will allow it, the Truths contained in these pages will elevate you to an entirely new and different level of living. They are incredibly powerful and will take you to another world which is timeless and without strife. Order it today and you will be very glad that you did.
     It is a 36-page booklet (5½ x 8½).

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The Answer on SaleThe Answer  (Price Reduced. Previous edition.)
There are only four letters in this edition. Other than that there is no difference. It is a 16-page, 8½” x 11” booklet with a beautiful cover. (Order Form #36B)

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Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony  (MP3 Compact Disc or 3 Cassette Tape Album)
Practical Exercises MP3   
The beautiful truths contained in these 6 dynamic talks can set you free and heal you. There are 270 total minutes of power-packed lessons.
Practical Exercises Tape Album    This is a special action program with 12 specific exercises. Hear Vernon Howard explain: what will actually change you; how to start to be strong for yourself; how to save energy to change yourself; how to cancel out every pain; how to be free right now; overcoming the great barrier of self-deception; how to stop fawning before the world and explaining yourself to others; how to no longer go along with others’ wrong demands; how the world is controlled by unconscious attitudes; why it’s important to not fight for or against anything; how to stop depending on the intellect; why it’s so important to not fall into the trap of growing old; how to acquire a new middle name of ‘regardless of the consequences’; how the whole world can be explained; oneness with truth itself; methods for going beyond mere information and much more.
    Also receive the FREE companion booklet Practical Exercises for Inner Harmony with the purchase of this cassette tape album or MP3 CD. It will automatically be included in the shipment with your purchase.

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