Compact Discs
Compact Disc 1End Mental Blocks and Soar Freely
1. What to Do with Yourself Each Moment  42:16
2. End Mental Blocks and Soar Freely  31:58
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Compact Disc 2The Freedom of Being Good
1. Pathways to Happiness  33:07
2. The Freedom of Being Good  33:45
# CD02   $10 $5Add to Cart

Compact Disc 3How to Enjoy Your Life Journey
1. How to Enjoy Your Life Journey  33:40
2. Your Richest Investment in Life  30:16
# CD03   $10 $5Add to Cart

Compact Disc 6Something Higher Than Ideas
1. Something Higher Than Ideas  36:21
2. Truth Knows What It Is Doing  35:03
# CD06  $10 $5Add to Cart

Special Note on MP3 Compact Discs
The Compact Discs are presently available as downloads on the MP3 CD, Something Higher Than Ideas. The MP3 CD talks are all available as individual .mp3 file downloads. (Vernon Howard eTalks) They give you 7½ hours of listening pleasure of these beautiful higher truths. They were personally picked by Vernon Howard and originally put on what were called super cassette tapes.
    You must have an MP3 player to play the  MP3 CDs. They can also be played on your PC or Mac computer by any media player. There are all sorts of combination players available for sale that play MP3 CDs/CDs /Blu-rays/DVDs or whatever combination you prefer. They can also be played on car CD players which are MP3 compatible.

MP3 Compact Discs *
The Secret of Spiritual Awakening
The Secret of Spiritual Awakening MP3
1. Your Treasure of Higher Pleasure
2. Truth Never Condemns You
3. Awaken to a New Dawn in Life
4. Let This Talk Awaken You
5. Secrets the Whole World Should Hear

# C3B   $20Add to Cart

Powerful Techniques for Self-Rescue
Powerful Techniques for Self-Rescue MP31. How to Escape Your Noisy Mind
2. How to Be Happy with Yourself
3. How to Own Your Own Life
4. Conquer Stress While Sleeping
5. Never Again Be Blamed and Hurt
# C3C   $20Add to Cart

Practical Guides to Healthy Relationships
Practical Guides to Healthy Relationships MP31. Live with True Confidence
2. Sex and Romance and You
3. What a Woman Really Wants from a Man
4. Why You Should Not Help Other People
5. Win Your Own Life Back
# C3F   $20Add to Cart

Let a Higher Spirit Guide You
Let a Higher Spirit Guide You MP31. Here is Your Highway to Home
2. A Library of Powerful Truths
3. A Special Method for Ending Troubles
4. The Secret Weapon That Guarantees Victory
5. Inspiring Interviews with Vernon
# C3G   $20Add to Cart

Vernon Howard on 3.0 USB Flash Drive
USB 1 Flash Drive    All of the Vernon Howard titled talks which we have for sale are now on one 8GB USB 3.0 flash drive. There are 68 talks. 72 hours of exceptional insight and practical solutions offering the sure cure and authentic help for human suffering and problems.
    All of these talks are in the mp3 Pro® format. The USB 3.0 Flash Drive is the latest technology and is backwards compatible with previous USB ports. The healing starts just by hearing them. Only $150  Add to Cart

Inspiring Compact Discs & MP3 CDs & Flash Drives

There is a wide variety of audio formats to choose from including mp3 downloads.

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